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The open-source versus proprietry software debate has in many ways polarised the software development world and has produced fierce adherents in both camps. At Dotcom, we see merit in both approaches, and in the technologies we choose to work with, we take full advantage both of the power of Microsoft's advanced technologies, and of the collaborative and flexible working arrangements that open-source development allows.

ASP.NET and SQL Server

Microsoft's dynamic web and database technologies are not only powerful enough to implement the largest enterprise website, they are also economical enough to be used for the development of small and medium-sized sites. On the one hand, ASP.NET is a free technology, an integral part of the Windows operating system. On the other, its design and the tools available to work with it, allow for more rapid delivery of software products due to higher productivity and access to the vast array of functionality provided by the .NET platform.

SQL Server, similarly, is available in a free edition (SQL Server Express), suitable for low-volume websites, but the same database can serve more demanding workloads simply by migrating it to a more powerful SQL Server edition. 


Open-source Content Management Systems also makes an important contribution in reducing website development costs. DotNetNuke provides a solid foundation of commonly-required application features at no cost. That means reduced development time, and rapid solution turnaround.

DotNetNuke's flexible design allows the features that it provides to be adapted or extended to the needs of a specific site. Similarly, its unique skinning system empowers web designers to produce sites that exactly meet the client's marketing brief.

DotNetNuke is supported by a worldwide community of over 600,000 developers and users who collaborate in various ways in its development. Each new edition of the product introduces enhancements that come free of charge to DotNetNuke site owners. We recognise the value of the combined efforts of the DotNetNuke community and we want our clients to benefit from it.

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