Flex Form

Dotcom ProductFlex Form is a fully configurable and extensible contact form for DotNetNuke that enables you to capture any information from web site visitors. The module enables you to design a form that contains all the fields that you need, and to choose both built-in and custom actions that will be triggered when the form is submitted.

Form features

Flex Form allows you to design wizard-like forms with one or more steps, each containing multiple controls. Flex Form comes with a set of 11 standard controls which will meet most needs, but it is also possible to create custom controls to fulfil specialist data capture requirements. Each control may have one or more validators to make fields mandatory, perform data type or range checks, or ensure that the supplied value matches a regular expression.

Flex Form

Form controls

Flex Form is supplied with the following form controls:

  • Textbox
  • Label
  • DropDownList *
  • RadioButtonList *
  • CheckBox
  • Consent
  • Calendar
  • Captcha
  • Language
  • Password
  • Recipient List
  • File Upload

* List content managed with DNN List Manager

Built-in submit actions

  • Email enquiry
  • Save enquiry


Flex Form's functionality can be extended in three ways.

Custom Form Controls

You can create your own form controls, using the API used for Flex Form's standard controls. This can be useful if you need to collect a set of related data or require special processing or validation that involve multiple fields.

Custom Submit Actions

FlexForm defines an API that enables you to create custom actions that will be executed when the form is submitted. This feature enables Flex Form to be used as a powerful and versatile user interface that can be integrated with other applications using virtually any type of API.

Custom Data Retrieval Actions

FlexForm also defines an API that enables you to create custom data retrieval processes that are used to populate the form when it is displayed.

Other features

  • XHTML markup, easy and flexible to skin
  • Multiple-language forms using DNN static and content localization
  • Send enquiry notification email to one of several recipients, selected by the user on the form
  • Export saved enquiries to Excel
  • Form definition import / export

Example applications

  • Send enquiry as an email to site administrator
  • Store captured data in site database
  • Pass captured data to a web service
  • Pass captured data to another DNN module
  • Automatically generate software licences
  • Integrate form with payment gateway



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