Free DotNetNuke Modules

The Dotcom DotNetNuke modules listed on this page may be freely downloaded from this site. Please note that you need to register to access the downloads page.

We also develop modules to commission, either as part of a DotNetNuke site build, or as a separate project.

DNN Store SEO Menu

Dotcom ProductAn add-on for the core DNN Store module that renders the store category menu using search-engine friendly markup, thereby improving the visibility of your product offerings. As an additional benefit, it makes the menu far easier to style using CSS. 

  • increases product visibility in search-engines
  • simplifies menu styling with CSS


Portal Module Settings

Dotcom ProductThis module allows you to share configuration settings between all instances of a module in the same portal.

DotNetNuke lets you to make module configuration settings specific to a module instance on a particular page or to share them between all instances of the same module across multiple pages. Portal Module Settings takes this one step further, letting you share settings between all instances of a module in a portal.

It can be useful to do this in cases where you want to standardise the behaviour of a module within a portal. For example:

  • set a standard number of records in paged data grids
  • use a standard module template throughout a portal
  • use the same module skin throughout a portal
  • display the same fields for the module throughout a portal

Modules are free to mix both Portal Module Settings and DNN configuration mechanisms. In this way, the most effective scope can be chosen for each module setting.


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Current News

18 August 2019

Licence Master 3.0

Licence Master 3.0 introduces secure, offline licence validation. Integrated applications can now validate licence status without needing to call the licence server. This ensures that, as long as the licence is valid, client applications will not be affected if your licence server is unavailable for any reason.

02 January 2013

Licence Master 2.2

This release will add enhancements to the Licence Master Client API that allow integrated applications to detect (and optionally tolerate) service outages and other conditions that prevent communication with the licence server.

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