Licence Master 2.2

Licence Master

A DotNetNuke anti-piracy module for web applications.

Licence Master is a licence management application for software developers and vendors who wish to protect web applications from unauthorised use and distribution.

With Licence Master, you can ensure that only authorised installations of your applications are in operation.

Licence Master automates the licence management process for multiple web applications, with a significant saving in administrative effort. It supports flexible licensing policies and allows the administrator to manually override policy when required. It can also be integrated with e-commerce systems to provide an end-to-end automated sales and licensing process. See our Licence Master DotNetNuke Store Adaptor for more information.


  • Protect revenue from your software products
  • Flexible: licence whole applications or individual features; indefinitely, or for a specific duration; for single or multiple domains
  • Generate revenue from licence upgrades and renewals
  • Supports automated sales processes for licence issue, upgrade and renewal
  • Easy-to-use: user-friendly administration control panel and user interfaces that use Telerik controls.
  • Easy-to-install: uses the same mechanism as any DNN module
  • Easy-to-integrate: APIs to integrate client applications and e-commerce modules.

Licence MasterFeatures

  • Protects multiple applications
  • Standard and Feature licensing*
  • Version licensing
  • Supports licence issue, upgrade and renewal
  • Perpetual and subscription licences
  • Licence single or multiple domains
  • Administration control panel
  • Integrated DNN security
  • E-commerce policy manager
  • Configurable licence server outage tolerance
  • Client application API
  • E-commerce API

* Standard Licence: for conventional licence agreements that permit the use of a product for a given period.

Feature Licensing: Allows the vendor to enable or disable specific application features. This type of licence can be used to protect applications sold in various editions.


DotNetNuke 5.2.0 - 7.0.1.


NEW! in Version 2.2

Licence Master 2.2 introduces a wealth of new features:

  • Easier client application integration
  • Supports applications integrated with both LM v1.x and v2.x
  • Version licensing
  • Support for automated licence upgrades and renewals
  • Enhanced e-commerce API
  • Configurable licence server outage tolerance
  • Renewal Reminder service

IMPORTANT! existing Licence Master v1.x users require a licence upgrade to run version 2.2. 

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FREE Trial!

Download a trial version of Licence Master and test it with your modules.

NOTE. All features are enabled in the trial version except for the licence validation methods in the client API. To remove this restriction and the trial banner, you need to purchase and install a licence key.

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