Licence Master DotNetNuke Store Adaptor

dotcom productsIssue licence keys automatically when DotNetNuke Store sells your modules.

The DotNetNuke Store Adaptor enables you to integrate your DotNetNuke Store merchant account with our Licence Master anti-piracy application.

When DotNetNuke Store sells one of your modules, it notifies Licence Master via the Adaptor module. On receipt of the notification, Licence Master automatically generates a licence key for the relevant application and sends it to the purchaser by email.

  • For DNN module developers and vendors who wish to protect their products from unauthorised copying and distribution
  • Automatically send licence keys to customers when DotNetNuke Store sells your modules
  • Instant sales response to customers
  • NEW in v2.1! Sell upgrades and renewals from the DNN Store
  • Handles unlimited DotNetNuke Store packages and options
  • Use DotNetNuke Store Packages to licence different applications
  • Use DotNetNuke Store Options to offer licence options such as application edition, version (NEW in v2.1), duration and number of domains
  • Secure interface
  • Integrated utilities for complex password generation and testing the module configuration
  • Customer support feature to find licence keys in Licence Master using DotNetNuke Store Invoice ID or customer email address

How it Works

The Adaptor makes use of DotNetNuke Store’s Instant Order Notification feature. When DotNetNuke Store makes a sale, it posts the order data to a url that you specify in your account. The Adaptor receives this data and uses it to instruct Licence Master to issue licences for the products contained in the order.

Licence Master uses information configured in its E-commerce Policy Manager to translate the package and option details in the order data received from DotNetNuke Store into Licence Master Applications, Editions, versions and other licence features.


DotNetNuke 5.2.0 - 7.0.1
Licence Master 2.2

NEW! in Version 2.2

Licence Master DotNetNuke Store Adaptor v2.2 introduces licence server outage tolerance and support for automatic licence upgrades and renewals.

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FREE Trial!

Download a trial version of Licence Master DotNetNuke Store Adaptor and test it with your modules.

NOTE. In the trial version live notifications from DotNetNuke Store are not processed. To remove this restriction, you need to purchase and install a licence key.

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A licence for this module costs $65 US.

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