eTrader: an open-source online shop and CMS

eTrader Pro

eTrader pro™ is a free online shop and simple Content Management System (CMS).

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Microsoft Web Platform Installer

Why eTrader pro™?

eTrader pro™ is a versatile e-commerce application that supports a wide range of online businesses. Built on Microsoft's cutting-edge, scalable web and database technologies, it is fully equipped to stay the pace of business growth. It is easy to install and configure and offers total design freedom, making it particularly suitable for web designers with an e-commerce requirement to fulfil.

  • Simple, easy-to-use product
  • Full-featured online store
  • Simple to configure
  • Design flexibility
  • Easy to integrate design with skinning and page template system
  • Take online orders from customers
  • Usable, secure purchase and payment process for customers. Returning customers can confirm a new purchase in just one step
  • Back office tools allow you to manage the entire order fulfilment process
  • Automatic order fulfilment for digital products
  • Shop and Content Management System in one product
  • CMS allows you to add unlimited pages to your site
  • Integrated with secure, popular payment gateway such as PayPal, amongst others
  • Online marketing tools

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Customise it...

An eTrader webstore can be customised to automate a wide variety of business processes. Example applications include:

  • Online consultancy interview and report
  • Software Licence Server and Customer Service website
  • Online Art and Photography Galleries

Dotcom provides a full eTrader implementation service for online businesses, and can advise on all aspects of site development. Contact us to request a quote for eTrader implementation or customisation.

eTrader Support Services

Dotcom Technical Support provides answers to your eTrader questions, FAQs, tips & tricks and the latest eTrader user guides. Visit it today to find out how to make the most of all the product features.

Further information on eTrader's features, site configuration and management can be found in the eTrader User Guide, freely downloadable from this site.


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