eTrader: design simplicity and freedom

Why "for Web Designers"?

Implementing an eTrader site requires HTML and CSS knowledge, making it especially suitable for web designers who need to provide a client with an e-commerce site.

eTrader's page template and skinning system provides designers with a high degree of freedom when designing a site. Based on ASP.NET Themes, the skinning system enables designers to transform the look and feel of a site simply by installing a new skin and making a straightforward configuration change.

An eTrader skin comprises a set of CSS files, related images, and other resources stored in a single folder in the web. There are three site page templates, built using ASP.NET Master Pages, that control the layout of public, administrative and catalogue pages, respectively.

eTrader is supplied with a default skin that can be adapted to other purposes as required.

Visit our portfolio to see examples of production eTrader sites.

What's involved

Five steps:

  1. Install
  2. Configure
  3. Integrate Design
  4. Add content
  5. Publish

Dotcom provides a range of eTrader technical support facilities at this website. Download the eTrader Customisation Guide for further information on site implementation and design tasks.

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