eTrader e-commerce sites

eTrader pro™ is Dotcom's versatile e-commerce solution and content management system. Designed with the small and medium-sized commerce site in mind, eTrader has been used to implement sites for businesses ranging from artists and photographers to garden shops and software suppliers.

eTrader's powerful skinning system enables web-designers to provide clients with e-commerce features while enjoying full creative control of site appearance.

eTrader services

As well as supplying eTrader to web-designers and developers, we provide a full eTrader implementation service to make sure customers reap the full benefit of their e-commerce site.

Web design

We can integrate your existing website design with your eTrader site. Or, working from your brief, we can produce a commercially effective, differentiated branding for your shop.


We can tailor eTrader to the specific requirements of your business processes. We can also integrate it with financial, CRM or other systems that you operate.

Web hosting

We recommend the first-class hosting service provided by Pipeten which offers all the technical facilities required by eTrader. Of course, you can also choose any other provider that provides hosting with the features required. See the eTrader information page for further information.

Windows and Linux Web Hosting from


We install eTrader on a web server of your choice.

Site migration

If you are changing hosting provider, we can move your eTrader site from one server to another.

FREE Trial Version!

You can try eTrader pro for one month free of charge. Add the Trial Version to your shopping cart to get started today.

Customise it...

An eTrader webstore can be customised to 
automate a wide variety of business processes. Example applications include:

  • Online consultancy interview and report
  • Software Licence Server and Customer Service website
  • Online Art and Photography Galleries

eTrader Support Services

Dotcom Technical Support provides answers to your eTrader questions, FAQs, tips & tricks and the latest eTrader user guides. Visit it today to find out how to make the most of all the product features.

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