Licence Master User Manual v3.0Licence Master User Manual v3.0DNN473.27 KBDownload
Licence Master User Manual v2.xLicence Master User Manual for versions 2.xUser Guides287.90 KBDownload
Licence Master Issue and Upgrade ProcessesProcess flow diagram for Issue and UpgradeUser Guides105.34 KBDownload
Licence Master Registration ProcessProcess flow diagram for RegistrationUser Guides122.10 KBDownload
Code Sample: Licence Master client moduleSample DNN module PA project that illustrates how to integrate an application with Licence MasterSamples1.74 MBDownload
eTrader User GuideUsing the eTrader shop, CMS and marketing toolsUser Guides1.36 MBDownload
eTrader Customisation GuideeTrader Skinning and Configuration GuideUser Guides275.13 KBDownload
WYSIWYG Content Editor Developer GuideThis guide is of use to designers who wish to customise the facilities the eTrader Content Editor offers to end users. Contents include: - Content Templates - Javascript API - Working with Flash - Working with Images -User GuidesUnknownDownload

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