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28/07/2010 08:49

Installing eTrader is a straightforward process with the following steps:

  • Configure your website
  • Create a SQL Server database
  • Upload eTrader files to the web by FTP
  • Configure web.config
  • Start eTrader
  • Register it

The first two steps are normally achieved using a hosting control panel. If you manage your own server, you create the website using IIS Manager, and the SQL database using Sql Server Management Studio or an equivalent tool.

When you first start eTrader, it will configure the site database and then take you to the registration page.

Registration simply involves:

  • enter your licence key and contact details
  • follow the instructions in the verification email sent to after registering

You're done!

We wish you success with your online business, and hope that you enjoy using eTrader.

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HomeHomeeTradereTraderInstallationInstallationInstalling eTraderInstalling eTrader

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